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The AyurSeva initiative by ConnectinnWays Foundation focuses on promoting health awareness and preventive measures among individuals in society. It emphasizes the need to prioritize health during critical times and encourages us to take proactive steps today. Rather than waiting for illnesses to occur without any warning signs, AyurSeva aims to create awareness and educate people about health conditions that can be prevented through lifestyle changes and regular health check-ups.

Every individual, regardless of their age or background, plays a crucial role in their own family and society. Health protection is a collective responsibility, and AyurSeva aims to involve not only those with existing health conditions but also children and individuals who are generally healthy but may be prone to diseases due to their lifestyle choices. By visiting various households and institutions, conducting thorough health assessments (such as blood pressure, urine sugar, blood sugar, heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen level), and providing personalized guidance based on the results, AyurSeva intends to raise awareness and instill a sense of responsibility towards a healthier lifestyle.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became evident that people with different lifestyles and health conditions were more susceptible to various diseases. However, many individuals lacked proper knowledge and awareness in this regard. Therefore, through the AyurSeva initiative, Connectinn Ways Foundation aims to actively contribute to health protection by reaching out to every individual in our community, irrespective of their background. Our goal is to create a significant impact by focusing on preventive measures and ensuring that a large percentage of the population achieves optimum health.

Every three months, individuals’ current health status will be assessed to determine their health condition and provide necessary guidance for adopting a suitable lifestyle. Through this initiative, we strive to help people make informed decisions about their health and implement appropriate changes in their lifestyle to prevent potential health issues. If there are any signs of deviation from a healthy lifestyle, personalized guidance will be provided to ensure a healthier and happier life for individuals. AyurSeva aims to make a positive change by empowering individuals to take charge of their health and promoting a healthier society.

Through Ayurseva, we have visited more than 20,000 homes so far, conducted over 12,000 tests, organized awareness campaigns for over 25,000 people, conducted centralized awareness camps for 150 schools/colleges, and provided employment to 100 of educated women. AyurSeva activities are actively carried out in seven districts. Our goal is to implement AyurSeva in all districts and regions throughout Kerala as well as in all regions across the state

This project aims to provide necessary training in the field of healthcare to women in every region who are part of Ayurvedic service. It also aims to increase the number of healthcare workers and make their services available to the people in that region. Our goal is to involve youth and the elderly, who are vulnerable and important, in this endeavor.

We request everyone with good health to participate in this initiative. Creating a healthy community is our objective. We believe that the success of this project lies in the active participation of youth and the elderly. We request your active involvement and support in this endeavour to create a healthy society.

We request you to support this project by giving whatever help you can




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